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Ever been looking for a place to surf the web that you haven't seen a dozen times?  With Inter-Connection (IC) you can.  IC is a simple project that is designed to get you connected to other great plexpedia groups.  IC believes that its not a lack of quality, but a lack of knowledge about the site that keeps you from visiting them.
Here is a list of the groups as of now: - Elite HQ (elite members only)
Group Administrator: J-Elite.1
Design By: Flyclub - Mars Explorer News And Resources
Group Administrator: Flyclub
Design By: Flyclub - Humor, one of the few things we all have in common
Group Administrator: TheDude
Design By: Flyclub
Group Administrator: 2cul2play
Site Administrator: Aubrey Falconer
Wanna get back to, or make your own plexpedia group? - Aubrey Falconer's masterpiece, free, multiplayer 3D fun - Mars Explorer (new version just released, available for download)
Site Administrator: Aubrey Falconer
Design By: Aubrey Falconer - The Online Compendium of Knowledge - Create your own plexpedia group here
Site Administrator: Aubrey Falconer
Design By: Aubrey Falconer

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